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Learn how to brew coffee in a variety of brewing methods. From French Press instructions to Aeropress tutorials, you’ll find every instruction in Kaffa Cerrado’s Brew Guide to make great coffee at home.

  • Ratio: 1:15
  • Grind: Turkish/Like Powdered Sugar
  • Brew: Simple, Quick, Economical Produces Clear, Light-Bodied Coffee
  • 700 ml
  • 50 gms


Ibrik | Coffee Grinder | Kettle | Timer | Cup

1) Fill Water

Fill the Ibrik with correct amount of water as per the size. Do not overfill as the coffee needs enough room to boil and should not overflow.

2) Weight
3) Fine Grind
4) Heat

Put Ibrik on low to medium heat for 90 seconds and add coffee. Add sugar and/or cardamom as per taste. Stir the mixture to insure complete and even submersion.

5) Remove Ibrik

As the water heats and rises to boil, quickly remove ibrik from heat source for 20 seconds to let it settle back down.

6) Repeat

After 4 minutes, press the plunger down slowly and carefully. Pressing too quickly or forcefully may lead to hot coffee spurting.

7) Pour

Allow the coffee to settle before serving in cups. Pour carefully to avoid excess coffee grounds in the cup.

The Ibrik works best with Brazil.