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Learn how to brew coffee in a variety of brewing methods. From French Press instructions to Aeropress tutorials, you’ll find every instruction in Kaffa Cerrado’s Brew Guide to make great coffee at home.

  • Ratio: 1:13
  • Grind: Medium-Fine like Kosher Salt
  • Visually Satisfying to Watch Produces Thick, Deeply-Extracted Coffee
  • 360 ml
  • 25 gms


French Press Brewer | French Press Filter | Coffee Grinder | Kettle | Timer | Cup

1) Soak & place filter

Place the filter in the top hopper of the siphon in a way that the chain falls in the tube. Pull the chain and attach the hook to the bottom of the funnel.

2) Boil & Weigh
3) Fine Grind
4) Attach

The globe to the holder and fill 325 ml of the pre boiled water.

5) Set Up

Set the top chamber on the globe and place the entire assembly over a heat source with a light burner. Once the water boils and moves to the upper chamber, adjust upper chamber and filter to insure it is placed correctly and firmly sealed.

6) Add , Brew & Stir

Add coffee in the upper chamber and stir evenly to ensure all grounds are submerged immediately. Let the coffee brew for 45 seconds and stir again. After 30 seconds remove the siphon from the heat source and give one final stir to insure even brewing

7) Rotate & Pour

The coffee should take about 45 seconds to drop back into the globe. Once you have got the brew, gently rotate the top chamber in a circular motion to break the seal and remove. Subsequently transfer the brew to another container to slightly cool before consuming.

The Siphon works best with Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold.