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We’re the nice coffee people from Delhi, India.
We love coffee, so did our father and our whole motley brew…uh crew.
But there’s more.
Kaffa Cerrado is a small dream that came true. Like every passionate individual who aspires to be an artist, sportsperson or entrepreneur. we aspire to be the coffee hosts that share your love for coffee and your passion! Our Father sowed the seeds of this dream years ago – his interaction with an Italian Coffee roaster acted as a catalyst. Freshly roasted gourmet coffee was our inspiration and continues to be our drive. And here we are today, sourcing the choicest beans from around the globe for you.
Fuelled with our brewing passion to make coffee a divine indulgence, an experience that is pure and organic, we also yearn to give back to society and make a social impact. Every step of our coffee making process involves an effort to save water and to initiate projects like water purification, increasing ground water levels and converting the by-product of coffee plantations, like coffee grounds and chaff, into good quality manure.

These humble measures also extend to creating an environmental friendly experience by adopting green energy practices through rainwater harvesting and solar energy to reduce influence on the environment. We use ‘green roasters’ in our facility, which utilize less energy and are low on greenhouse gas emissions.

To put it in simple words - we’re driven to grow coffee that not only tastes good but also truly makes a difference! - Rasalika, Saudamini and Krittivas

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