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Coffee is about pleasure. It’s that moment when your hand is warmed by the mug, you bring it up to your nose, inhale deeply and then take a sip. That sip is the culmination of years of work, three-thousand mile journeys, and passion. Here is how we make that sip perfect.


From bean to cup, specialty coffee is a journey involving many people. These people include the farmers and suppliers, who have their own language and processes when it comes to bringing you the choicest beans. We want you to experience this language and process and appreciate the terroir, the farmer and the plant.


Our certified roasters put in every effort to learn the language of the farmers and translate it into the bean during the roasting process. We maintain microscopic records of each roast profile to match, improve and present you with the best every single time. Besides keeping your taste buds in mind, we also have the interest of the community at large with our ‘Green Roastery’, which utilize less energy and emits even lesser greenhouse gases.


We sip, swirl, spit and compare. Our desire to serve the perfect cup of coffee is all consuming and we’ve been known to diminish the fine line between aficionados and addicts.


Our in-house trained baristas put thought, care and attention to detail into each bean we serve so that every sip of your Americano, Latte, Macchiato or French Press brew leaves you wishing it’s not the last. So here’s the plan guys. We bring the best of the world coffee culture to the table, where coffee takes the centre stage and nothing but the best makes its way through the serving hatch.

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